Addressing The Impacts of Gambling Disorder & Addiction: 2 Day Conference: March 21 & 22, 2019

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Sandia Casino Supports Responsible Gaming

At Sandia Resort & Casino we want all of our customers to enjoy casino gaming as a planned and budgeted entertainment option. We recognize though, that a small percentage of people may have problems gambling responsibly. Sandia Resort & Casino cares about its customers, and is committed to helping those in need of compulsive gambling treatment; Our Responsible Gaming Program helps.

Responsible Gaming refers to practices designed to prevent and reduce potential harms associated with gambling, and more specifically compulsive gambling.

  • Gambling should not interfere with your everyday life
  • Keeping your gambling under control by setting a dollar limit and time limit
  • Become educated on the warning signs and ask for help, if you feel you need it

Compulsive Gambling is defined as a continuous or periodic loss of control over gambling. Problem Gambling is any gambling behavior that disrupts or damages your life.

Warning Signs:

  • Preoccupied with gambling – planning next venture
  • Increased Tolerance – the need to gamble with increased amounts
  • Lying – Lies to family members or others to conceal the extent of his/her gambling
  • Bailout – relies on others to provide money due to losing own money on some form of gambling
  • Loss of control – unable to stop gambling

You may have a gambling problem if you:

  • Feel the need to be secretive about your gambling. You might gamble in secret or lie about how much you gamble, feeling others won’t understand.
  • Have trouble controlling your gambling. Once you start gambling, can you walk away? Or are you compelled to gamble until you’ve spent your last dollar, upping your bets in a bid to win lost money back?
  • Gamble even when you don’t have the money. A red flag is when you are getting more and more desperate to recoup your losses. You may gamble until you’ve spent your last dollar, and then move on to money you don’t have.


Treatment for problem gambling

The biggest step in treatment is realizing you have a problem with gambling. It takes tremendous strength and courage to own up to this. Don’t despair, and don’t try to go it alone, we are here to help. Overcoming compulsive gambling is never easy. But recovery and control is possible with treatment. When you are ready, for advice or looking for treatment information, Please contact one of the following:

At Sandia Resort & Casino we offer the Self-Exclusion Program. This procedure offers customers to self-exclude from any form of gambling at Sandia Resort & Casino. It is required for customers to contact the Security Department or the Responsible Gaming Coordinator for more information and to fill out required forms.

Responsible Gaming Coordinator

24 Hour New Mexico Problem Gambling Helpline

Responsible Gaming Department